Solvent based modified bituminous rust proofing , waterproofing emulsion incorporating elastomers and reinforcing agents.

Tollens Solvbit imparts outstanding weather and light chemicals resistance. Surface has to be primed with Tolokote bitumen emulsion, if the surface is very dry or porous. The dry film provides a durable, flexible coating, which will not brake under severe climatic conditions. Typical range: -10° C - +70° C

Description :

Anti corrosive black is used in wide range of applications such as: Protective coatings for automobile interior body, sealing of cement dams and reservoirs, sealing retaining walls, cavity walls, waterproofing behind the tiles, sealing roof joints and screws.


Simple, safe and economical to apply Tollens Solvbit does not re-emulsify after cure and is therefore suitable for use under continuous water immersion. Compatible with most surfaces, protects the substrate from degradation by allowing vapour to pass through.


It is essential that Tollens Solvbit be protected from UV exposure once cured. Overcoat with Bitumen Aluminium paint. A curing of minimum 7 days is recommended before applying the protective coating.

Surface preparation:

Surface must be clean and free of all oil, grease, and other contaminants, before application of Tollens Solvbit

Shelf Life:

12 months @ 20° C /68F


Tollens Solvbit is supplied in 20 ltr and 200 ltr metal drums