Epoxy Primer Grey

Epoxy Primer Grey :

Epoxy Primer Grey is a two pack polyamide cured primer generally used for epoxy system on masonry surface and cement works.

High temperature will accelerate dry times and decrease pot life; lower temperature will lengthen cure times and slightly increase pot life. Normally Tollens Epoxy primer grey A+B mixing pot life is 4hrs.As a diluent use Tollens Epoxy thinner 15 – 25 %.

Description :

This primer is specially designed for maximum adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces, as well as galvanized and metal surfaces. Fast dry and early water resistance combines to produce superior properties.

Application & Reduction:

Tollens Epoxy Primer can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. . Use where application temperature can be proceed above 4 ° C

Surface preparation:

Surface to be coated must be clean, structurally sound and free of all foreign contaminants.


  • Use with adequate ventilation
  • May cause eye, nose, and throat and skin irritation.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Do not use in tank or pit without proper protection


Metal drums 1 US gallon, and 5 US gallons