Micro tex – is a textured coating containing quartz, based on modified Acrylic emulsion, will give a flexible finish with medium textured,


Colour : As per shade card

Finish : Light texture finish

Consistency: Thixotropic

Solids: 50 % +/- 2 %

Specific gravity: 1.55

Theoretical Coverage 2.5 –3.5 m 2/ ltr

Drying time : At 25 °

To handle: 3-4 hours

To Recoat: overnight

Number of coats: 1 -2

Application by: Roller or brush

Description :

It is suitable for exterior and interior surfaces of cement plaster, concrete, bricks, masonry, asbestos cement panels and suitably primed wood. Magnum helps to conceal any small unevenness and indents in the surface.


Surface should be clean and dry, before the application of medium Tex. For the fresh concrete Tollens Tex primer should be used as a primer on new surfaces.

Surface preparation:

Surface must be clean and free of, chalk, dust, and other contaminants. Clear the surface with wire brush, remove any loose adherence


Keep from freezing, contains water. Using at temperatures above 4C May cause eye, nose, and throat and skin irritation. Keep out of the reach of children


Metal drums one US gallon, 5 US gallons