Specially formulated alkyd base wood primer for interior and exterior use. May be used under topcoats such as alkyds,oils,or latex paints.


Colour : White -pinkish

Solids: 45%

Theoretical Coverage 8 –10 m2/lit

Drying time – At 25 °

To handle: 2 hours

To Recoat: 24 hours

Vehicle type: Modified alkyd

Specific gravity: 1.40

Flash point: 35 ° C

Description :

It adheres tightly to the surface and forms an excellent base for topcoats. May be used on many types of wood including pine, plywood, fir,and siding.


  • Seals Porous Surface
  • Excellent Enamel hold-out
  • Excellent adhesion

Application & Reduction:

It may be thinned with synthetic thinner (white spirit) Use at packaged consistency for most applications .May be applied by brush,roll,or spray.

Surface preparation:

Surface must be clean and free of grease,oil,chalk,dust,and other contaminats. Putty or caulk all holes,dents,scratches and splits after application of primer


Do not take internally. May cause eye, nose, throat and skin irritation. Keep out of the reach of children Do not use in tank or pit without proper protection


Metal drums one lit. US gallon, and 5 US gallons